The Makyovtsi Game Breeding Area is situated in the Strandzha Mountain and is part of Kosti State Forestry. It is managed by the company VI Hunting OOD.

The Game Breeding Area is located at an altitude of 200-220 masl, enjoying a mild Mediterranean-continental climate due to its proximity to the Black Sea. The winters are relatively mild, with high average temperatures of 2 to 3 °C in January. Such favorable conditions provide a longer vegetation period which contributes to the good game diversity and opportunities for hunting wild boars, roe deer, red deer, wolves, foxes, jackals, wildcats, Eurasian woodcocks, wood pigeons, etc.

The Makyovtsi Game Breeding Area offers the main types of hunting practiced in Bulgaria, as approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, perfectly arranged in compliance withall hunting safety requirements. The wild game is enjoying a peaceful environment with well-established and maintained food supply throughout the year.

The Kosti village is some 10 km away, Sofia City is 480 km away, and Bourgas is 95 km away.

The Makyovtsi Game Breeding Area includes a portion of the Makyovtsi State Hunting Region, which is part of the activities of the Kosti State Forestry, with the following boundaries:

The northern boundary starts at the northwest end of the Vlahov Dol area (3 km), bounding on the forests managed by the Malko Tarnovo State Forestry, and continues along the Veleka River (5 km).

The eastern boundary begins from the bend of the Veleka River in the Krenero area, continuing to the south down to the confluence of Todorovski Dol into the Lopushnitsa River, approximate 5 km long.

The southern boundary of the Makyovtsi Game Breeding Area is about 10 km long, outlined by the Lopushna River along its bank bounding on the Uzunbujak (Lopushna) Biosphere Reserve toward the border facilities near the Rudenovo Portal.

The western boundary of the Area begins from the Rudenovo Border Portal to the northwest and continues to the north toward Vlahov Dol– the initial point from which we started delineating the Area.

The total area is 3 430,6 hectares, including some 3 124,1 hectares of forest land and 306,5 hectares of agricultural land surrounded by fairy-tale meadows and ancient forests comprising mostly oak and beech, together with the famous Strandzha Oak and Pontic Rhododendron – symbols of the Mountain.

If your passion for hunting has brought you to the Makyovtsi Game Breeding Area you will have the opportunity to convince yourself that the Strandzha region has one of the most diverse fauna and flora in Bulgaria. Both the diversity and identity of the local species are very well preserved. The Game Breeding Area has a well-developed road network, favoring various activities and events. You will also enjoy the amazing natural, cultural and historical heritage in this area.

Please do feel welcome with us!